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After your adolescent completes a course of residential treatment, it is highly recommended that the family participate in aftercare treatment as a group. Enduring drug and or alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult.  It has been found that family therapy is beneficial.  From the time one finds out that their teen has been abusing drugs, it has likely been a huge ordeal for all of those involved.  Getting your teen to admit that he or she had a problem was probably difficult, if not impossible. With the help of professionals it was made easier.  Now that your teen has entered the rehabilitation program, the family will need help getting things back to normal.

For assistance in getting family life back to normal, you can call The Last Resort. We will help you to find the right family program to help you to do just that.

Sometimes it’s better to get help with problems that are developing or have developed in the household. The bond between family members should be hard to break. If you feel your family is falling or has fallen apart because of your teen’s drug abuse, it is time that you seek help. For the sake of your family, contact The Last Resort and we will help you to get the assistance that you need. The status quo should not prevail because the teen that is now fully recovered will need to have a stable family for support. You can revitalize your family with the help of these family treatment programs.

Our family support and group therapy is there to help the whole family recover! We believe that this is of utmost importance for a family. 

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