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Adolescent Drug Abuse

Adolescent drug abuse is a critical problem.  When teens begin experimenting with drugs they are probably not considering the possibility of developing a substance abuse problem. They are most likely looking to have a good time and their peers may influence them by coaxing them on. The glorification of drug use in American society rarely addresses the very real possibility of developing an addiction.  Few adolescents are able to recognize when they have surpassed casual use and have fallen prey to addiction.


Addiction is usually the furthest thing from their minds as they are merely seeking recreation and looking to have some fun. When the addiction finally takes hold of them, you will notice that they begin to lose friends, start performing poorly in school, become unmotivated, and begin to alienate themselves from those around them. They may begin to exhibit inexplainable mood swings and other negative behaviors; parents should pay special attention to these behaviors.  Children engaged in drug use often start spending their time with new friends who support one anothers drug use. These are signs that your teen might have a problem with substance abuse. This is why you must take advantage of this opportunity to join others and conquer this disease before it conquers YOUR teen!




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